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The Ultimate Steel Building Buying Guide

What is one of the cleanest and most recyclable materials to build with? American Steel. The steel made in America is made with 93% recyclable material and is 100% recyclable.


Steel buildings are one of the most versatile options for every kind of construction today. Whether you want something small for backyard storage or something huge for warehouse storage, steel buildings have you covered.

We have assembled a steel building buying guide to help you think through your many options when thinking about a steel building. Read on to find out how your construction needs could be met by the versatile steel building.

What Do You Need the Steel Building For?

The key to getting the perfect steel building for you is doing a little bit of thinking and planning upfront. Because metal buildings give you so many options, you want to think about what your needs are first.

Here are just a few of the many ways people are using steel buildings.

Garages and Workshops

Most of the auto repair shops out there use steel buildings. These garages work great for them to protect the cars and work on them at the same time. Some homeowners build steel garages to hold multiple cars and even boats and RV’s.

You can also use a steel building to frame up the ultimate workshop for yourself. Steel buildings give you the option to build something small or large depending on your needs.

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Commercial Buildings and Warehouses

Many commercial buildings today are steel buildings. Even if they have a different look on the outside, the frame and guts of the building are usually steel. Steel buildings provide the strength and creativeness businesses need.

Warehouses are buildings designed to hold and protect supplies. Steel buildings are perfect because of their strength and their ability to be wide open. The framing of the steel building can make it where the entire floor space is open.

Church and Home

Churches have discovered the strength and durability of steel buildings for their houses of worship. They have great abilities to customize the building to fit their specific needs when designing a steel building.

There has even been a move toward using steel buildings in the home market. People find the cost and creative abilities of a steel building appealing. Plus steel is a very sustainable and eco-friendly solution for housing.

The Land and the Details

When planning to use a steel building you will want to figure out your land options first. Do you have the land already? Is it prepared to be built on? These are the questions you will need to ask first.

The foundation is the next decision to make. What kind of foundation will you build? Who will build it and when? Without a good foundation, you won’t have a place to put your building.

You will also want to check to see what permits are needed in your city or county for erecting a steel building. You want to follow the codes of the county and city, or they can stop your construction before you get started!

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Steel Building Design Options

When you look at any metal building buying guide, you will be amazed at the different options you get with a steel building. The design options a metal building gives you are creative and numerous.


Pre-engineered buildings come ready to be set up. They are designed beforehand, and their setup is much quicker than traditional construction. Since they are pre-engineered, everything fits together and is ready to go.

Building a pre-engineered building is like putting an erector set together with the instruction. It still takes work, but it is a lot easier than trying to figure it out yourself.

Outside Design

Steel buildings look great by themselves and can come in a different array of long-lasting colors. You can also finish the building on the outside with a different finish.

You can add brick, stucco, wood paneling, or masonry to any steel building to help it blend in with the environment. This is helpful if you are building in an area with strict codes for appearance.

Inside Design

Finishing and accessorizing your steel building gives you lots of options. You can create a two-story structure within the walls, or have a large one-story structure.

You can separate areas for offices and storage, or create a gym with workout areas and basketball courts. Your interior can be as nice as you want or as simple as you want. Steel gives you plenty of options to use for the interior.

Steel Building Benefits

Steel buildings not only give you creative options, but they also have other tangible benefits. They can help your costs now and even be prepared for your growth in the future.


Steel building costs are lower because they are built faster. They come ready to set up and don’t require as many people as traditional construction jobs. Some smaller buildings come as DIY kits for owners to build themselves.


Steel buildings are strong and can handle many harsh weather conditions. They stand up to hurricane-force winds and heavy snowfall. This makes them a great option for anywhere around the country.

Expansion and Moving

Steel also gives you the option of expansion. Steel buildings are very easy to expand and add on to.  As your needs change, your steel building can grow with you. Some smaller steel buildings can even be taken down and moved!

Your Next Building Should Be Steel

Whatever building project or need you have, a steel building could be the perfect fit for you. The flexibility and creativity of steel are a benefit along with its savings and strength.

Steel Buildings Zone is your partner in the steel building process. They can help you with every aspect of the building process and give the highest quality of workmanship. Contact us today to get a quote on your next steel building.


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