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Are you constructing a church, but not sure what material you want to make it out of? You should consider steel.

Are you trying to decide the right building material to choose for the construction of a church?

In recent decades, more congregations are making a transition to steel church buildings. Nearly 50% of nonresidential and multistory buildings constructed in the United States are built from structural steel.

If you haven’t considered using steel as a building material, there are lots of reasons why you might want to. Steel buildings offer many advantages. And, the vast majority of steel manufacturing takes place right here in the USA.

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    • What You Should Know About Steel Church Buildings

      When considering the details of any construction project, it’s best to understand and research all of your options.

      In medieval times, buildings for worship were predominantly built from stone. Back then, church leaders believed that ornately decorated building designs were a way to honor God.

      Yet, most of the buildings used unskilled laborers. And, their finished products often resulted in poorly lit chapels and synagogues.

      Later, in the United States, many church buildings were made of wood. Unfortunately, many of these are no longer standing today due to damage caused by elements or rot. If the church needed a larger structure, the wooden churches were often torn down to build a bigger building to accommodate more people.

      Steel buildings first became popular for industrial purposes and for housing livestock. But, now builders use steel in the construction of virtually every type of building.

      Unlike the wooden churches of yesteryear, steel doesn’t rot. And, there is less risk for mildew, termites and other problems that may occur with wooden buildings.

      When there is a need for a larger structure, you can easily add on to steel buildings.

      But, there’s more about steel that makes it such a popular choice for all types of new construction, including churches. Once you learn about the advantages of steel buildings, you just might discover why a steel building could be the right choice for your church, too.

      Steel is Attractive

      You may not notice how far steel-building designs have come in their design. But, today’s steel buildings offer a variety of updated options.

      You can individualize each structure according to your own tastes and style. Modern-day steel buildings often feature creative touches that you can’t get with other types of materials.

      Also, you can choose from a wide range of finishes and fixtures to create a customized look for your steel church building. Unique doorways and windows add even more potential for creative interior design.

      Steel buildings have become tailor-made architectural statements as much as any material around.

      Steel Allows for Easy Expansion

      As your church grows, you can easily expand without compromising the look of steel construction. So, when additional room is needed down the road, you don’t have to undertake a huge expense to maintain an attractive and appropriately-sized building.

      You can add more room or more buildings in the years to come, and maintain a streamlined appearance. Steel offers many options for upgrades and expansion.

      This is also helpful if you are trying to stick to a budget but hope to expand as the church’s funds allow.

      Steel is Durable

      Steel buildings are built to withstand all kinds of weather and they stand up to years of wear and tear.

      You can rest assured that your church will stand strong for years to come. And, that’s important when building a structure intended to serve current and future generations.

      With steel, you won’t have to worry about rebuilding and they require little maintenance. Plus, construction isn’t labor intensive. Buildings can be put together by laborers without specific training, so labor is generally cheaper than it would be in the construction of alternative structures.

      Steel Provides an Eco-Friendly Option

      Many people appreciate that steel is a more eco-friendly option than many other types of buildings.

      Steel retains heated and cooled air better than the traditionally-built wooden churches. You not only save on energy costs, but you also contribute to a more environmentally sound community when you build with steel.

      Steel Buildings Save on Construction Time

      Prefabricated steel buildings can be erected in less than half the time of other types of similarly-sized buildings. So, you don’t have to spend months and months waiting on a building that meets the needs of your growing church.

      This is especially important if you are transitioning to a newly constructed church on the same property that your previous church was positioned.

      As we know, today’s society is focused on reduced timelines, for everything from construction to work days. So, your congregation is likely to appreciate your time-wise choice, too.

      Want to Find Out More About Steel Churches?

      If you want to learn more about steel church buildings, we can help.

      We can provide you with estimates, examples, and help you to create a plan for your own steel church building.

      Steel churches are anything but boring. And, they will allow you to accommodate more people. Plus, today’s beautiful steel facilities cost much less than your other building options.

      There are custom windows, doors, and fixtures that you can add to your construction plans. A customized look will have churchgoers oohing and ahhing over your church for years to come.

      Want to find out how steel can construct the church you’ve always dreamed of having?

      Contact us today to speak with our professional staff about the benefits of building your church with steel!
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