Most Common Types of Steel Buildings

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Different types of steel buildings

Types of Steel Buildings – The Most Common Kinds Of Metal Buildings

Steel buildings can serve many different purposes. Here are the different types of metal buildings.

Steel buildings provide one of the strongest and most cost-effective types of structure on the market today.

There are types of steel buildings for just about any application you can think of.

Don’t believe us?

Check out this ten-part list showing some of the most popular applications of steel buildings.

1. Agricultural Steel Buildings

Steel buildings are one of the best and most cost-effective solutions for agricultural storage. Their high level of customizability allows them to fill just about any niche.

You can configure metal buildings for seed storage, heavy equipment maintenance or even as livestock shelters. Most modern automated poultry farms use steel buildings for their chicken coops.

In areas at risk for high winds or snowfall, steel buildings are even more attractive. When properly set up a metal building can resist everything mother nature can throw at it, including hurricane-force winds.

Quonset huts are especially effective in high snow load areas. Their sloped design allows the majority of snow to just slide down the sides of the roof.

Agricultural Steel Building

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2. Church Steel Buildings

Church steel buildings go up quickly and is almost endlessly customizable. It’s also durable, long-lasting, and highly resistant to damage.

This is perfect for a new church or one that wants to expand. One of the most common uses of metal buildings by churches is adding a recreation hall. They can easily be made large enough to encompass a regulation basketball court with room left over for fellowship areas and a concession stand.

You can even get the appearance of a traditional chapel by adding a brick facade and steeple onto a steel structure.

Church Steel Buildings

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3. Commercial Metal Buildings

Many commercial ventures such as retail space or restaurants frequently use steel buildings. One of the best features for commercial landlords is their endless customizability.

Since the structure is almost entirely open on the inside it allows tenants to decorate and reconfigure the space to meet their needs. If you have a turnover it’s simple to clear out the old styling and replace it.

One of the best parts of metal buildings for commercial users is the ability to add a facade to the structure. You can give your outdoor market area the appearance of brick construction without the high expense. Learn more about commercial steel buildings.

Commercial Steel Buildings

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4. Garages / Auto Repair Workshops – Metal Buildings

Many professional mechanics go with steel garage buildings because of their open configuration and high resistance to fire. The structure itself is entirely fireproof, which can be useful in an area where welding torches and cutting equipment is used frequently.

Auto shops especially like the ability to add or remove large roll-top doors on the sides of metal buildings. This lets them expand their shop space almost at will.

Steel Garage Buildings

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5. Metal Horse Barns and Arenas

The same benefits of agricultural Metal buildings apply to horse barns or arena style buildings. For equine events, you basically just need a wide open ring with the ability to add obstacles.

Steel buildings are perfect for this. In their basic form, they’re just steel shells supported by high-strength beams. This gives the maximum available space for any building type relative to its size.

The same benefits apply to horse barns. The buildings are easy to configure to match the exact needs of your horses.

Metal Horse Barns

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6. Mini Storage Steel Buildings

The self-storage industry has been growing by leaps and bounds in the last few years. The majority of new construction is self-supporting mini steel buildings.

These allow you to create a weatherproof building with a high-capacity roll-top entrance quickly and cheaply. They’re secure, easy to reconfigure for larger or smaller units, and long-lasting.

If you want to get into the self-storage space quickly, a metal mini storage building provides you with the best combination of speed, low cost, and longevity.

Mini Storage Steel Buildings

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7. Industrial Steel Buildings

Steel buildings provide industrial concerns with three things they absolutely must have. These are open space, scalability, and fire resistance.

If you’re setting up any kind of production facility you’ll need lots of space for your equipment. You’ll also need the option to expand if business begins to boom. Steel buildings provide both of these things.

Since they’re basically just a thin metal shell over metal beams, they’re naturally highly fire resistant.

Industrial Steel Buildings

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8. Steel Airplane hangers

Steel buildings have a long history as aircraft hangers. Quonset huts, one of the original Metal buildings, were widely used during WWII as aircraft hangers.

Steel buildings provide full protection against the elements and are very easy to set up. The fact that they are prefabricated makes them especially useful in remote areas. As long as you can land a plane somewhere you can quickly assemble and erect a steel building to protect it.

Steel Airplane Hangers

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9. Steel School Buildings

Metal buildings are an excellent option when building a new school or expanding one. This is especially true for gymnasiums and other outdoor education centers.

Metal frame buildings are inexpensive and very strong. This is a perfect combination for educational buildings. You get the added benefit that you can erect an entire school campus in just a few months.

If you just need to expand your campus it’s much less expensive to erect a steel building than it is to remodel and expand traditional structures. You can also add in the newest and most efficient insulation, heating and cooling systems, and data connectivity.

Steel School Buildings

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10. Farm & Nursery Buildings

We’ve already touched on agricultural storage and equine uses for steel buildings. If you’re running a hobby farm or have greenhouse space set up a steel building is the optimal structure to use.

Steel buildings are almost infinitely configurable. There are many different greenhouse panel roofs available for them. You can have partial shade, full sun, or even an enclosed structure with artificial sunlight.

If you need a greenhouse with precise temperature and humidity levels a metal building is perfect for your needs. You can add or remove insulation and connect them to a high-end HVAC control system.

Farm & Nursery Buildings

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Many Types of Steel Buildings

Steel buildings are one of the strongest, easiest to assemble, and most inexpensive building methods available. No matter what application you’re planning, there are probably types of steel buildings that will fit your needs.

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