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How Much Does a Metal RV Garage Cost?

Use this free guide to calculate the cost of a metal garage building for your RV. Protecting your RV with a steel garage building is more fordable than you think.

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A 50X60 RV Garage and storage solution offers a versatile and durable way to store your RVs. Each metal building is designed for long-term durability, making it capable of lasting generations. The pre-engineered design allows you the peace of mind knowing that if anything were ever wrong with this product during its lifetime it would be easy to fix any issue professionally without hesitation or cost increases from other companies’ warranties which typically only last 30 days anyways.

RV Garage Features

  • Primary and secondary framing
  • Sealant and flashing
  • Rollup door or sectional door
  • Ridge cap
  • Horizontal or vertical sliding windows
  • Light transmitting panels
  • Warranties from 25 to 40 years

If you can’t park your RV on the street and it won’t fit in with any other vehicles, a metal RV garage is a great way to protect against winter or summer hail damage.

A major investment like an RV is not something you want to take risks with. You need protection for your motorhome, and that’s where a steel garage building comes in. An ultra-strong prefab steel garage will ensure the longevity of use by ensuring years worth of service from day one without any worries about rust or damage due to their water-resistant surface treatments.
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  • RV garages provide a column-free, clear-span design that allows maximum space and more height inside the building. It’s the ideal place to store your RV or work on it with plenty of light from natural sunlight coming in through tall windows.
  • These Metal RV Garages are more than just shelter for your RV, they’re made to withstand even the most severe weather events. Durable and disaster-resistant with commercial-grade steel that will last through anything you can throw at it.
  • A metal Quonset building is a perfect place for your RV. It has space enough to store all of its contents and can customize it with a variety of different features, including large or small motorhomes.
  • When you’re looking for a place to store your recreational vehicle, it makes sense that the first thing on every owner’s mind is how much room they’ll have. The good news? You don’t need an extremely large space in order to maintain several RV vehicles; with some planning and creativity (not always associated together), even small garages can accommodate up 3-4 RVs.

10×25 RV Garages

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How much does an RV Garage Cost?

Pricing for RV garage is run between $11,200 to $24,600. Most suppliers will provide financing and rent-to-own options.

Garage doors and metal garages are all about cost-efficiency. Enter your RV with a new set of wheels into an affordable, functional steel garage from Motorhome Metal Garages to get that efficiency without sacrificing quality or performance!

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Unprotected  RV’sunprotected isn’t a good idea for such a large investment. The weather elements, birds, and insects aren’t kind to bodywork or its internal workings. Storing it at a storage facility leaves you in someone else’s hands though; they’ll take good care of our precious RVs.

A steel RV storage building will protect your vehicle from everything mother nature would have thrown at it outside, and you can keep an eye on the inside while being in close proximity. It’s a popular choice among owners looking to maintain their pride of ownership with access right at hand.

Your RV storage shed is the perfect place to keep your motorhome during inclement weather, and it should also be secure. A strong steel construction will help protect you against harsh conditions like hurricane-force winds or earthquakes that can sway even strong buildings in their tracks.

Your steel RV garage will be able to withstand all kinds of weather conditions like blizzards, cyclones, and tornadoes.


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