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With so many benefits to large metal shop buildings, explore sizes, uses, cost, and factors to consider when shopping for a customizable solution.

No matter where you are, metal building construction is around you. There’s always a new house or a new business going up. More and more, people are exploring the idea of using metal shop buildings for their new construction.

But why choose metal? In this post, we’ll discuss the sizes, costs, benefits, and uses of metal buildings.

Large Metal Shop BuildingsMetal Shop Buildings: Sizes & Cost

The biggest question is, “what sizes can I get and how much do they cost”? The answer, of course, varies. The bigger the building, the more expensive it will be.

An important thing to remember with any metal shop building, a concrete pad is a requirement as the foundation. Let’s talk about a few of our popular sizes and discuss the costs associated with those.

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30×40 Metal Buildings

This is one of our most popular sizes. 30 feet by 40 feet equates to 1,200 square feet of space. The average cost of a building this size is $14,500 – $17,000.

If you choose to add full insulation and extra add-ons, the price can get up to $35,000. With that price tag though, this is guaranteed to be a top-of-the-line metal building!

40×80 Metal Buildings

40 feet by 80 feet metal shop buildings are about 3,200 square feet. This is a large building! The average cost of a building this size is $21,500 – $31,750 depending on all the add-ons.

60×100 Metal Buildings

A building of this size is absolutely massive. 60 feet by 100 feet equates 6,000 square feet. The cost of one this size is $19,000 – $22,005.

Large Metal BuildingsLarge Metal Shop Buildings: Benefits

The cost of building a typical brick and mortar building is more expensive than a metal shop building. So the most obvious benefit of a metal building is the cost savings. Outside of this, however, there are several other benefits.

Durability: Steel is one of the strongest materials available today. It can withstand strong winds, tornadoes, and even hurricanes. Mother Nature can rain down her wrath, but your metal building will be just fine.

Environmentally Friendly: Trees are an important resource that is being cut down at an alarming rate every day. If reducing your carbon footprint is important to you, building out of metal can be a huge benefit.

To go even further into helping the environment, you can use a pre-used building. This will reduce the number of materials used even further.

Fire Resistant: What is the easiest thing to burn? Wood. Metal requires a much higher temperature to be affected.

It’s easy to understand why some families choose a metal building over a wooden one. A metal building will give you more time to react to an outside fire, reducing the chance of injury significantly.

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Huge Metal Shop BuildingHuge Metal Shop Buildings: Uses

A metal building can be used for literally anything. Whatever the imagination can dream up, it can be made possible with our metal buildings.

One of the most popular uses is as a workspace. Whether you’re looking to build a carpentry workspace or a mechanic’s shop, a metal building would be a great choice.

With this, a lot of businesses are choosing to go with the lower cost of a metal building. The metal shop buildings can be modified to match any theme. That means that any business, from a hair salon to a tattoo shop, can make it as unique as they are.

Metal buildings are routinely used as warehouses for large companies. They need storage spaces of huge proportions. Our metal buildings can be up to 12,000 square feet!

Using a metal building as a garage is another common use. If you already have a home but just need a bit more garage space, these are great for you!

Farmers can use them as a barn for their animals or for storing their hay.

Another up and coming use for steel buildings is using them as a home. The lower cost of metal shop buildings is very convincing when looking to build a new home.

Even some churches are switching over to metal buildings instead of the typical wooden structures.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing

Before jumping right into one of our custom steel buildings, there are a few factors to consider first. Building any type of structure requires a piece of land. After you have the land, you’ll need a concrete foundation.

Next, you will need to determine how big of a building you’re needing. Then, what type of add-ons you’d like to have. Keep a budget in mind!

Add-ons can be anything from roll-up doors and windows to patio overhangs. Insulation can be an add-on as well.

The climate of where you build can determine what type of add-on insulation you’d need. If you’re building in a very hot or very cold place, you’ll definitely want to add the top of the line insulation.

If you’d like to save on costs, even more, buying a pre-used building may be best for you. We do offer pre-used steel buildings!

Steel Buildings Zone

It’s clear why more and more people are making the jump to steel buildings. Whether they’re looking for storage solutions or a unique new home, metal shop buildings are the answer.

Here at Steel Buildings Zone, we’re the leading one-stop resource for all types and sizes of metal shop buildings. If you’re looking for a reliable supplier, look no further! We have suppliers in all 50 states.

Whatever your need is, we’ve got you covered! Feel free to reach out or explore our blog.

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