A Complete Guide to the Different Types of Metal Buildings

types of metal buildings

The pre-engineered metal building market is expected to grow by around 14% a year until 2026. As housing inventory remains low and the cost of building materials rise, metal buildings are a viable space solution. But do you know what they can be used for?


From commercial to residential purposes, they have many uses. Read on as we discuss the types of metal buildings.

Advantages of a Steel Building

Steel buildings offer several advantages and flexible solutions. We have collected the most important ones below.


These buildings are extremely durable, being impervious to fire and strong enough to withstand strong winds, heavy snowfall, and small earthquakes. Their surface can also be coated to make the panels even more durable and longer-lasting.

Fast Construction

When you buy a steel building from a reliable contractor, if you don’t have many customization options added, they can be erected very quickly. This is in contrast to the months it takes to put a wooden building up. Holes will be pre-punched and the components will be pre-cut meaning if the instructions are followed, it won’t be long before it is up and running.


Metal buildings do not require interior columns. This provides a wide-open space ideal for multi-purpose use. You can store large pieces of equipment, move large items, and conduct activities without restriction.

Larger doors are also an option. When you are moving and storing large pieces of equipment, such as aircraft and farm machinery, this is essential.

All of this means that metal buildings are ideal for a huge range of applications. As they’re easy to fabricate, you have a range of customization options. You can even expand in the future with width and length additions.

Environmentally Friendly

Steel buildings are easier to insulate than wooden ones. This means you can make huge savings on your heating and cooling costs. Another advantage is that in their production, there is very little waste making them environmentally friendly.

Types of Metal Buildings

Metal buildings are suitable for a range of different purposes. They often have unique designs based on their intended purpose. We have collected the most popular types below.

1. Agricultural Storage

During the forties, farmers began to switch from traditional wooden structures to metal ones for their outbuildings. Not only were they more durable, but a lack of internal beams also allowed more space for storage.

They are often known as metal barns, though their uses can be far more wide-ranging than housing livestock. They can also keep materials, agricultural equipment, and produce.

A metal building is also easy to customize. Often using I-beam and C-channel frameworks, thick sheet metal will be cut to specification. Customers can then buy them in a kit or they can be custom-built.

2. Commercial Metal Buildings

A commercial metal building should be able to house a business comfortably and allow room for growth. They can be used for applications as wide and varied as retail units, office space, or industrial kitchens.

One of the major differences with commercial steel buildings is that they need to attract customers. Therefore, a high level of customization is on offer for anyone who wants to erect one. You can add stucco, brick, and a range of other finishes to the outer shell.

3. Residential Buildings

While a steel building may not be the first choice for many homeowners, they have several advantages. With rising house prices and low inventory, steel buildings allow people to own a modern home while cutting down on construction and building timelines.

Anyone who buys a metal home can also customize it to their liking. With the addition of external and internal features, it can be just as homely as brick or wooden buildings.

4. Airplane Hangers

The storage of planes requires weather protection, safety, and a lot of space. A steel building does not require internal beams that take up space and may cause damage. They can also be built relatively cheaply.

When you are building a hangar, you also have other elements to consider. Fire safety, ventilation, and having space for crane systems are also essential.

5. Garages

There is a range of garage building kits available. They can add vital secure storage to your property, housing vehicles, and valuables. Compared to building a garage from scratch, kits are usually very easy to put together.

They can also be used for workshops. As many people have switched to remote working, this offers an affordable, comfortable workspace. You can also add extra features like mezzanine levels, different door types, and finishes.

6. Church Steel Buildings

The open plan nature of steel buildings means they’re ideal for housing small or large congregations. If you are building a new church or expanding an existing one, a steel building is an excellent choice. Many churches choose to add recreation halls and meeting rooms to their main buildings using steel.

With the range of exterior finishes, it can also fit the architectural theme of the church. A brick fascia and steeple can make it look like a homely, inviting chapel.

Types of Metal Buildings

Now you know the types of metal buildings on offer, think about which can benefit you. Are you starting a business, building a home, or do you simply need more storage on your land? Create a rough idea of what you will want to house and size, then consult a professional.

The Steel Buildings Zone should be your first stop. We have a range of garages, workshops, and barns for sale. Contact us here for a free quote and let us help build your structure today.


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