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5 Interesting Facts About Steel Buildings

Are you interested in learning more about steel buildings and why they matter? Here are five interesting facts about steel buildings.

Steel lies at the foundation of America. The American steel industry produced 91 billion dollars worth of steel in 2020.

One of the most common uses of steel was to make steel buildings. When people look at a metal building, they often see glass and paint. This leads many people to question the value of steel.

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What is steel made of? Why is it so useful in the building space? What are some great examples of American steel buildings?

Answer these questions and you can get a rich appreciation for this classic American metal. Here are five facts you should know about steel buildings.

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1. Steel Is a Mixture of Materials

Steel is an alloy, meaning that it is a metal that combines several other metals. Manufacturers mix carbon with iron in order to produce it.

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Many people think that iron is a sturdy metal, and it is. But it can become soft when it spans over long distances. This makes it hard to build buildings and bridges out of pure iron.

Manufacturers can produce steel in several ways. The basic oxygen process involves a container that is open to the air.

A machine then blows oxygen through iron, lowering the carbon inside of it. Once the carbon has dropped down, the manufacturers remove the metal from its container. It is now steel.

The electric-furnace method produces steel with a higher amount of carbon. High-carbon steel does not go into buildings, but it can be used for tools. The electric-furnace method involves melting iron and scrap metal together until they mix.

2. People Make It All Over the World

Steel production has been an American industry for decades. Manufacturers can put out a lot of it. From June 13 to June 19, 2021, domestic steel production totaled 1.84 million net tons.

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But other countries are competing to produce steel. In particular, Asian countries have emerged as hubs. In May 2021, Asian countries produced more than 128 million tons of steel.

Most manufacturers ship their steel to places like the United States, where it can be turned into buildings. But others import steel within national borders. Steel building production is becoming increasingly popular in Asia.

3. Steel Buildings Resist Fire

Steel buildings are renowned for their ability to resist fire. No building is fireproof. But steel is non-combustible, meaning it does not carry flames.

Steel can withstand a heat of several hundred degrees, far hotter than most fires. Stainless steel can withstand temperatures hotter than 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Even if it encounters very high heat, steel maintains some level of integrity. This gives occupants plenty of time to evacuate a building.

Steel buildings can accommodate a number of fire protection systems. Steel frameworks can support sprinkle systems and water supply pipes. They also allow for compartmentalization, preventing flames from spreading between rooms.

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4. Many Famous Buildings Are Made With Steel

There are a number of famous buildings that rely on steel. Some are residences, while others are office and commercial buildings.

The Eiffel Tower is arguably the world’s most famous steel building. It is made from a steel lattice with interconnecting beams and members. Even as the beams curve upward, the sturdy metal keeps the tower upright.

Steel buildings

The frame of the Empire State Building contains tens of thousands of tons of steel. This provides a timeless aesthetic that holds concrete and brick together.

The Willis Tower in Chicago is comprised of several distinct structures. They are bolted together with steel. Chicago is the Windy City, and the steel framework keeps the structures from tilting in the breeze.

The Taipei 101 Tower in Taiwan is more than 1,600 feet tall. It contains many elevators, and the architects used steel to contain them. This prevents wear and tear as the elevators go up and down and stop on different floors.

The Steel House in Lubbock, Texas is one of the world’s most famous steel building homes. Robert Bruno built his house by wielding together blackened steel by himself. The house looks akin to a cicada.

The Beijing National Stadium is an example of an incredible new steel building. Thousands of individual beams come together to create the aesthetic of a bird’s nest. The stadium can seat tens of thousands of spectators.

5. There Are Many Kinds of Steel Buildings for Sale

You can buy a wide range of steel buildings. There are two types of them.

As the name suggests, arch-style buildings have an arch-shaped roof. Many people use one for storage or as a garage.

Prefabricated Metal Building For Sale

A rigid frame building is shaped like a rectangle. The steel frame goes along the outside of the building. You can use a rigid frame building for commercial or industrial operations, including as a factory.

They come in all sizes. 40′ x 60′ steel buildings provide enough room to store belongings and equipment. You can use one for a shop or as a garage.

60′ x 100′ buildings are longer, which can help with loading and unloading supplies. If you expect to order shipments, you should find longer buildings.

Five Essential Facts About Steel Buildings

Steel buildings are everywhere because it is easy to make steel. Blow oxygen through some iron, and you have made it.

Countries all over the world produce it. They incorporate it into buildings because it resists high temperatures and contains fire protection systems.

Famous steel buildings include the Eiffel Tower and Empire State Building. Modern examples include the Beijing National Stadium.

You can buy a small or large building. You can use it as a garage, or you can run a store out of one.

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