40x60 steel garage building

How Much Does a 40×60 Steel Building Cost?

Resistant to the weathering associated with traditional building materials, if you’re looking for cost information on a 40×60 steel building, here’s what you need to know.


The price of steel has fluctuated regularly, with its all-time high in September of 2018 and a record low in February of 2016. So in two and a half years, the price of steel reached both ends of its all-time market.

Furthermore, experts forecast steel prices to increase at a yearly rate of 2.2 percent over the next three years.

40x60 Metal Garage Building

But that does not mean the price will rise continually. The price of steel has its season of highs and lows throughout the year, with costly and cost-efficient months. This fluctuation explains much about why it’s hard to nail down a specific cost for a steel building, one of the more popular building structures on the market today.

National Average Cost of 40’x60′ Steel Building

Steel Building Type Size Low End $ High End $
Agricultural Steel Building 40’x60′ $52,000 $65,000
Airplane Hangers 40’x60′ $51,400 $70,500
Garage and Workshops 40’x60′ $49,000 $85,000
Warehouse and Storage 40’x60′ $46,000 $79,000
Commercial Center Metal Buildings 40’x60′ $50,000 $83,700
*Price ranges by location, pitch, and materials used

Why a 40×60 Steel Building?

Steel BuildingWhen looking at sizable steel buildings, many people opt for the 40×60 steel building. At 2400 square feet, the 40×60 structure works ideally for small business and private owners.

All throughout the country you see landscapes dotted with shops, large detached garages, equipment storage, and even retail businesses housed in the 40×60 steel building structure.


We’re not talking about your average garden shed anymore. Churches, fitness centers, breweries, and auto repair shops along with dozens of other business and institutions use steel buildings.

Agricultural companies and businesses that operate and sell machinery request the 40×60 steel building the most out of all of the industries. This size of the building can store several vehicles and equipment because of its floor space.

A 40×60 usually includes one or two roll doors and a walk-in door along with extra space for a workshop or storage zone. Because steel buildings have grown into more than just machine sheds, many business owners insulate their buildings as well for proper cooling or heating purposes.

Where to Buy a 40×60 Steel Building: Companies Offering Financing Options

Steel buildings are becoming increasingly popular for their durability, versatility, and cost-efficiency. One popular size among customers is the 40×60 steel building, which provides ample space for various applications, such as warehouses, workshops, garages, and even residential buildings. In this article, we will discuss where to buy a 40×60 steel building and explore companies that offer financing options to make the process more affordable.

Where to Buy a 40×60 Steel Building

When looking for a 40×60 steel building, it’s essential to find a reputable supplier that offers high-quality products, customization options, and excellent customer service. Here are some of the top companies where you can purchase a 40×60 steel building:

  1. General Steel Corporation

General Steel Corporation is one of the leading suppliers of pre-engineered steel buildings in the United States. They offer a wide range of steel building sizes, including the popular 40×60 option. Customers can choose from various customization options, such as insulation, doors, windows, and exterior finishes, to create a building that meets their specific needs.

  1. Mueller, Inc.

Mueller, Inc. is another reliable option for purchasing a 40×60 steel building. They have been in the industry for more than 85 years, offering top-quality products at competitive prices. Customers can customize their steel building with a variety of accessories, including doors, windows, and insulation.

  1. SteelMaster Buildings

SteelMaster Buildings specializes in providing customizable, prefabricated steel buildings, including the 40×60 size. They offer a unique clear-span arch design, which allows for maximum usable space and easy assembly. With over 40 years of experience, SteelMaster Buildings is a trusted supplier in the industry.

Companies Offering Financing Options

Purchasing a steel building can be a significant investment, but financing options can make it more manageable. Here are some companies that offer financing options for steel buildings:

  1. General Steel Corporation

As mentioned earlier, General Steel Corporation is not only a reputable supplier of steel buildings but also offers attractive financing options. They have partnered with NewLane Finance to provide customers with a range of financing solutions, such as equipment leases and loans, to help them acquire the steel building they need without breaking the bank.

  1. MBMI Metal Buildings

MBMI Metal Buildings is another supplier that offers financing options for their steel buildings. They have partnered with Paramount Financial Services to provide customers with competitive rates and flexible terms. This collaboration allows customers to obtain financing for their steel building projects easily and efficiently.

  1. Steel Building Finance

Steel Building Finance is a company dedicated solely to providing financing options for steel building projects. They work with various suppliers and manufacturers to help customers find the best financing solution for their needs. They offer multiple financing options, such as loans and lease-to-own programs, with flexible payment terms and competitive interest rates.

When it comes to buying a 40×60 steel building, it’s crucial to select a reputable supplier that offers high-quality products, customization options, and excellent customer service. Companies such as General Steel Corporation, Mueller, Inc., and SteelMaster Buildings are excellent choices. Additionally, financing options from General Steel Corporation, MBMI Metal Buildings, and Steel Building Finance can help make your steel building project more affordable.


How is a Steel Building Priced?

More than anything else, the cost of steel will affect the price of a building. When the recession hit in 2008, steel prices soared. Once the recession lifted, the prices gradually went down again.

Even when you look at the data for steel prices, you can see that the industry definitely has a specific peak season (from April through the summer) and then lower seasons (winter time). So when you price your building, keep the season in mind, and then lock in a good price before steel begins to rise again.

Square Footage Consideration

Steel buildings are priced by the square foot generally speaking.

Square Footage

For example, a rigid-frame steel building will typically cost $13 to $22 per square foot. A finished metal building costs more at $19 to $29 per square foot and then up to $41 per square foot for a more complex structure.

These costs break down among the materials, the foundation, and the labor. Materials cost between $6 and $14 square foot, and the foundation of poured concrete will cost $3.85 to $7 per square foot. Labor for the steel building costs $4-6 per square foot, but a contractor will still bill you by the hour.

In the end, a smaller steel structure costs between $9500 to $25,000. A carport size building qualifies on the smaller end.

The 40×60 steel building could end up costing around $45,900 and $80,500 depending on the elements included.

The cost variation depends on the size of the building because the size of the building determines the amount of steel needed. And even then, the price of a 40×60 building in July may vary greatly from one in December. Many companies will allow you to contract a price before you build so you can anticipate how much you’ll need for the structure in the end.

After all, the contractor purchases the steel, so the price of steel will affect him or her too.

Oftentimes individuals building a larger building can try to negotiate the cost of steel per several thousand square feet. You’ll be needing several thousand feet, so you can negotiate the price in those bulk quantities.

Luxury and Essential Extras

Because steel buildings have grown in popularity from garden sheds to retail stores, multiple other factors will play into the final cost of a finished steel building. You’re building more than just four walls and a roof, after all.

When you price your steel building, consider insulation, for example. If you live in an area that is prone to either extreme heat or cold, you will want proper insulation and heating and cooling.

Different types of steel buildings

If you plan on using your building in the evening or early hours, you’ll also want to consider lighting. You can turn a shed into a store with the right design, and lighting plays a major factor overall, especially if your building does not have windows.

You also should consider a proper security system in the building design, and then do not forget to factor in the transport of the materials.

As you price out your building, ask about windows and doors. Most buildings come with a specific number of larger doors (garage doors) and then one smaller people door. If you need more entrances or exits, this will cost you.

If you plan on storing larger vehicles, such as an aircraft or an RV, make sure your structure has a high clearance.

Your location also plays a major factor in the cost of a steel building. If you live in an area prone to high wind or heavy snow, you will need thicker (and thus more costly) materials.

The overall exterior aesthetic of your building matters as well. You can make your building more attractive with the right trim, siding, or exterior components, but this will cost you extra as well.

If you’re looking to save money, consider a ready-made steel kit. If you’re willing to forego some of the most customizable options, a ready-made steel kit can save you money.

Factors Affecting the Cost of a 40 x 60 Metal Building

When considering the construction of a 40 x 60-foot metal building, it is crucial to understand the various factors that contribute to the overall cost. This article outlines the key elements that can impact the price of your metal building.

Key Factors Influencing the Cost

  • Material Cost: The price of steel and other materials can vary depending on market conditions. Changes in global supply and demand, as well as tariffs or trade restrictions, can influence the cost of materials.
  • Design Complexity: The complexity of your building’s design can also impact the cost. Simple designs tend to be more affordable, while intricate designs with custom features or unique architectural elements will likely increase the price.
  • Foundation and Site Preparation: The cost of preparing the construction site and laying the foundation will vary depending on factors like soil conditions, site accessibility, and required excavation work. A solid, level foundation is critical for the stability and longevity of your metal building.
  • Permits and Regulations: Local building codes and zoning regulations can affect the cost of your project. Be sure to research the specific requirements for your area and factor in any permit fees, inspections, or additional construction requirements.
  • Labor Costs: Labor costs can vary depending on the local market and the expertise of your chosen construction team. It’s important to choose a reputable contractor with experience in metal building construction to ensure a quality result.
  • Insulation and Energy Efficiency: Insulating your metal building can help maintain a comfortable interior temperature and reduce energy costs. Different insulation materials and methods can impact the overall cost of your building, so it’s essential to consider your insulation needs carefully.
  • Accessories and Customizations: The addition of custom features, such as doors, windows, skylights, or interior finishes, can significantly affect the price of your metal building. Be sure to account for any desired customizations when estimating the overall cost.
  • Shipping and Delivery: Depending on the manufacturer and location of your construction site, shipping and delivery costs for your metal building components can vary. It’s important to factor these costs into your overall budget.

There are several factors that can influence the cost of a 40 x 60-foot metal building. By understanding these factors and considering them carefully, you can better estimate the overall cost of your project and make informed decisions throughout the construction process.


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