10 Strong Advantages of Using Steel for Buildings

steel for buildings

Did you know that construction accounts for more than 50 percent of the world’s steel demand? You’ve almost certainly seen a steel building every day of your life.

Using steel for buildings is no new development. The Brooklyn Bridge, Eiffel Tower, and even Walt Disney Concert Hall are all famous steel structures.

However, many common day-to-day buildings are also constructed from steel. You can construct a home from steel! No matter what you’re looking to build, there are serious advantages to using steel as a building material.


1. Affordability of Using Steel for Buildings

Steel structures are generally cheaper than timber alternatives. Many steel structures, like warehouses, garage workshops, sheds, and even homes, come pre-assembled.

Even though buildings that don’t come pre-assembled tend to be easier to build with steel. The construction of steel buildings is far cheaper than traditional building materials.

Given the long-term durability of steel, this cuts the costs of repairs by a huge amount. You can also affordably expand your building as you like.

Steel buildings are also highly energy-efficient, so you’ll see savings in your monthly utility costs. The insulation used on metal structures ensures temperature regulation, while the roof reflects sunlight to keep things cool and even all year round.

2. Maintenance

Termites, rats, mice, and even bugs hate steel! Using steel in construction is a natural form of pest control, meaning less maintenance for you in the short and long-term from pest damage.

Metal structures formed from steel don’t have to be painted as often. Industrial construction of steel roofing is far less prone to leaks, so less long-term damage means lower long-term costs.

External aesthetic durability is another great asset of steel structures. You won’t have to constantly paint or work on the exterior of your building if it’s made from steel because it isn’t as negatively impacted by weathering.

3. Insurance is Easier

Because steel is such a strong and durable building material with high tensile strength, insurance companies have made insurance far cheaper. You can save a lot of money insuring your steel building.

Most wooden structures are high-risk for insurance companies. As a result, it’s a lot more expensive to insure these types of buildings. However, steel is essentially fire-proof. Insurance companies love this, and they’ll reward you with your savings.

4. Fire-Retardant

As we said, steel is essentially fire-retardant. Fire-retardant basically means that steel has the ability to slow and even halt the spread of fire.

While nothing is completely fire-retardant, steel does not burn as quickly as wood or other types of building materials. This makes your metal building both safer and more durable.

5. Durability

Durability is arguably the best thing about steel buildings. Steel buildings don’t rot, warp, or shrink like wooden structures. There is also far less risk of mold when using steel to build your structure.

Weathering is a key factor in up-keep for wooden buildings. Steel is far less vulnerable to extreme weather conditions too. Many metal structures can withstand hurricanes and earthquakes!

When you invest in a steel building, you’re going to have long-term sustainability of use. This is true in more ways than one!

6. Limited Environmental Impact

Steel is a recyclable material and doesn’t have to be grown and create monocultures. The timber used in building materials has to be grown in managed forests.

These forests are unnatural. They offer limited biodiversity and harm the environment despite being a carbon sink. Other materials like brick are almost impossible to break down naturally, so lay in a landfill for years.

If you’re building a metal home, you can rest at night with the knowledge that you’re doing your part for the planet. You can even recycle the construction materials if you ever want to do something different with the land.

7. Customizable

Most building materials have a limited scope of design. Adding new spaces, expanding floor plans, or creating additions is complicated and expensive. It can also take a long time to add to a wooden or brick building.

Not only is steel highly customizable to your needs, but the ease of design allows you to expand as you see fit. Many people who use steel for their construction material do the work themselves. It’s just that easy!

8. Speed of Construction

Thanks to the easiness of using steel, construction is swift. Most steel buildings are not the same thing as office trailers. However, this doesn’t mean it isn’t easy to create a unique space quickly.

If you’re building a prefabricated steel building, you could be up and running in a matter of days. Almost all other materials take months or even years of work.

9. Keep Your Belongings Safe and Secure

Steel can keep your belongings safe from pests, weather, water, theft, and more. The strength of steel is unparalleled. Whether you’re using your structure for storage, like a barn or workshop, or building the next concert hall, steel will keep it safe.

10. Update as You Go

Many homeowners and business owners prefer steel as a construction material for projects because of the flexibility offered in the long-term. You can easily start a small project and add to it as your needs expand.

The versatility of using steel for your upcoming construction project is not a one-time positive. Steel is the material that keeps going. It’s also a lot easier to source and stays consistent in cost.

Are You Interested in Steel for Your Next Construction Project?

No matter your needs, steel is an option. First-time homeowners love using steel because of the savings, speed, safety, and sustainability offered. Businesses can use steel for almost any design requirement.

Even adding a steel barn, garage, or workshop is easy. You don’t have to be creating a huge structure to use steel. Steel for buildings means every type of building.

To find out more, contact our team today to get a free quote for your metal building needs. We’re excited to hear about your commercial or residential needs!


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