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Reliable Steel Building Suppliers in the Montgomery area:

Alabaman Steel Supply
2 West Blvd
Montgomery, AL 36108

Thrifty Portable Buildings
6341 Atlanta Hwy
Montgomery, AL 36117

3950 Birmingham Hwy
Montgomery, AL 36108



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Available in these Montgomery County Zip Codes: 36013, 36043, 36064, 36104, 36105, 36106, 36107, 36108, 36109, 36110, 36111, 36112, 36113, 36115, 36116, 36117

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Steel Buildings Zone is known in Montgomery as an authority on steel buildings. From steel garages to warehouse buildings, we’ll connect you with to right suppliers. Local metal building suppliers can help you with steel garage buildings, metal barns, storage, and more.

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How Much Does A Steel Building Cost in Montgomery?

Because there are so many options and sizes of steel buildings, costs can vary greatly. For an accurate price please request free price quotes. Here are the typical costs for metal buildings in Montgomery:

    • Rigid-frame steel buildings cost $10.20 and $20.00 per square foot
    • A finished metal building cost $18.11 to $29.50 per square foot (up to $40/sq ft if more complex)
    • Materials average between $6 to $15 per square foot
    • Foundation costs $3.95 to $8.03 per square foot of poured concrete.
    • Labor cost average $2.75 – $5.00 per square foot (billed by the hour)

If you’re buying a steel building in Montgomery it’s important to know the building codes, so be sure to check Montgomery building codes before you sign any contracts.

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